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We've provided a number of resources for your personal Bible study as well as listings of online Bible studies and devotionals we find worthwhile.

How to Search the Scripture
This method of Bible study was perfected in a small group Bible study I participated in for many years. As a group we grew closer to the Lord and each other by using this method to search all of scripture to gain insights into the character of God and his personal plan for our lives. The method is intense, but once learned and practiced becomes easier and less time consuming.

Search the Scriptures Study Sheets
Downloadable forms to use with the method of Bible study explained in the article "How to Search the Scripture."

Selecting a Bible: How to Choose the Best Bible for Your Needs
With Bibles coming in so many shapes, sizes, translations and versions, it can be difficult to know which Bible offers the best fit for you. Whether you’re selecting a Bible for your beginning reader or one for your personal study, some guidelines will help you find the best Bible for your needs.

The Christmas Story
The story of the birth of Jesus as told by Matthew and Luke with accompanying art masterpieces.

Isaiah 53 Illustrated by Works of the Masters
A gallery of paintings depicting the story of Christ's death and resurrection accompanied by the text of Isaiah 53

Online Devotionals

Online Bible Study Resources

  • Blue Letter Bible
    A wealth of Bible study tools as well as a searchable online Bible with 13 translations.
  • Bible Gateway
    A searchable online Bible in over 50 versions and 35 languages. Includes additional Bible study resources.




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