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Doing, Doing, Doing

18 May 2007

I was reading My Utmost for His Highest this morning and found it was in keeping with what I have been struggling with myself. Rather than simply walk with God, I try to do things for God. If I don’t have a list of things accomplished by the end of the day, I don’t feel like I’ve had a worthwhile day. If I haven’t done something for someone else, I haven’t done anything. I spend a lot of my time doing for other people. Which, in and of itself, isn’t wrong, but if it keeps me from concentrating on God or keeps me busy doing what I think is best, then it is cover for my own self-centered thinking rather than Christ-centered thinking.

Jesus says that there is only one way to develop spiritually, and that is by concentration on God. “Do not bother about being of use to others; believe on Me” – pay attention to the Source, and out of you will flow rivers of living water.

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